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宝雁 : Classic Chinese Lady Provides Ass Job Services For Bros Of All Races.

Name: BAO YAN (宝雁)

Age: 31 yo
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Bust Size: 36 B (Round Big nipples)
Girlfriend Element: Chatty, Can continue to talk long time when she clicks with you. Adaptable and Negotiable Attitude
Looks: 7/10 - Normal Neighbour Girl Looks
Place Of Origin: China
Languages That She Know: Can understand Simple English also


Services That She Can Perform/Allow

[Shower Together]


[Simple Sensual Massage]
[Deep Throat BlowJob Without Cap]
[Cum On Her Body]

[Cum On Face]
[Pussy Painting]
[Kissing & Frenching Ok]

[Ass Rimming]

[Anal Job]

Services That She Don't Perform/Allow

[Sex Without Cap]
[Cum In Mouth]

Package Charges
[$70 / One Shot FJ / 60 Minutes]
[Room Excluded, CD you bring]

[+ $20 For Anal Job + FJ / 60 Minutes]
[Room Excluded, CD you bring]



Day Time House Call, Add $20 Transport Charges

3P Also Available - Please Call Directly to check.

Can Accept Bros Of All Races.


Contact Number

[8266 4130]

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